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LaHave River Chiro & Health Centre's new, completely renovated quarters at 149 Dufferin, Bridgewater.
The build was headed by Bill Pyke, Fine Woodworking NS.
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COVID-19 Update
March 25/20

Dr. Laurel Cowie

In addition to our current and former patients, we welcome newcomers who are looking for a natural solution to pain and improvement in health and wellness.

LaHave River Chiro - Our vision

Our vision is of a health centre where people of all ages come to receive care that respects the mind-body connection and recognizes that we are all on our own health journey.

LaHave River Chiro - Our mission

Our mission is to provide care using a variety of healing methods based on traditional knowledge and experience combined with the latest research and technology.

LaHave River Health Clinic hours:
Monday 8am - noon
Tuesday 2 - 8pm
Thursday 8am - 3pm
Friday 1:30 - 7pm
For Massage Therapist Bonnie Hynick
Tuesday to Friday 10am-6pm
Note: Appointments can be made by calling 902-527-0550 during office hours or by
No referral necessary


"LaHave River Chiro and Health Centre has everything to offer including the laser therapy that has much improved my jaw and neck.

Dr. Cowie's adjustments are just what I need because of my accident in the '90s. Not to mention the friendliness of the staff and the comfortable, relaxing new office.

If you haven't been there, you're missing out!"

- Erin Maughan

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