Dr. Laurel Cowie


We have been given the "go ahead" to reopen
Until then, we are still operating for emergent and urgent cases only.
We are accessible by phone 902-527-0550
and email info@lahaveriverchiro.com

The staff and I are all in the office more regularly now. The office inside looks different and there will be some new procedures. And we will ask you lots of questions many times. So while the office looks empty with only a few chairs, our hearts are filled full with expectation and happiness to be able to see you regularly.

We have been through many new experiences and most will agree our daily lives have been more stressful. Our bodies have had to adapt to a great deal of change. Those headaches and sore backs and feelings of fatigue are all signs that your nervous system which controls everything has been working overtime. We are here to help you move forward to greater health and wellbeing.


Bonnie Hynick, our massage therapist will be starting to see clients beginning on
We are accessible by phone 902-527-0550
and email info@lahaveriverchiro.com

Bonnie will also be calling many of you starting really soon. If she does not get to you before you want an appointment, just call at the above number or email.

She is also delighted to back in the office to see all her clients and help you get feeling better.

Check out our Facebook page for more info and updates.

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