Covid-19 Update
New Restrictions Announced March 24, 2020

As was anticipated, another level of restriction was put in place to protect our communities from the spread of Covid-19. The mandate of all regulated health care professions was changed. Chiropractors are regulated health care professionals and now are permitted to see patients face-to-face for care that is of urgent or emergent need.

We know that many of you will be fine waiting for care until after April 5, which is when the current order expires. We know that some of you are in acute pain right now. If that is you, please continue to access necessary chiropractic care to get through this problem.

This is an important and critical time in reducing the spread of the virus. We fully support government agencies, businesses and professionals doing what is best right now. Getting at this problem by limiting contact now is an opportunity to stop the spread. And that may give us a step up later!


We will be calling to change appointments that are currently booked between now and April 5. Call if something changes: some of you will be good at the moment, but may experience a relapse or re-aggravation of your problem. Working at home or working longer hours at work may start a downhill progression of a problem. Call or email us and we will discuss with you to determine if emergent care is needed. If you are in acute pain right now, we will be calling you to discuss what you require for care. If you want to cancel an appointment, please call the office to leave a message.


We will be in the office regularly to return calls and answer emails and to see any chiropractic emergencies. No one wanted this to be the situation, but this is what it is FOR NOW. This will pass and we will return to normal, hopefully sooner, by following these protocols now. We will be ready to help you be your best with your regular chiropractic care as soon as we can. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your families and call if you have questions or need help.

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